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The Valjiir Continuum 
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Attention Sims Modders:  I have entered into an agreement with The Sims Resource to adapt my hair meshes to Sims form.  TSR has exclusive rights to all my hair objects with the exception of Lovey, The Fall, and Helga hair (which were adapted with my permission by other Sims artists prior to my agreement with TSR)
A classic hairstyle for V3   I'm going Pro, guys!

Check out my new hair model 

(Drou Princess) for sale at 



A re-map and re-imagining of a P4 male hairstyle   A little something for the gentlemen..
A hair object based on the 'do worn by G4's Laura Foy.   An out of this world 'do for V3
Here's a V3 version of one of my hair objects, however, as I note above, you can convert any of these for use with Vicky.   Mat files for "Lovey" 
Hair style appropriate for a very special journey to the edge of forever..   My first attempt at making texture mat files
A waif-ish look for Posette   Illustrating that old Southern adage, The Higher the hair, the closer to God.
A neat up-do for Posette   What happened when Big Fluffy and Puppy Ears got together
Not Necessarily 1960's, but a good, classic hairdo.   For your Star Trek adventures on a parallel Earth mimicking the American West, here is Miss Ruby.. 

A dramatic look for Posette:

High Pony

  Helga with bangs and dangles.
  And here is a straight-up, unapologetic, classic B52 appropriate for Uhura or any Star Trek lady.   Due to Space Considerations
  • The Fall
  • BouFlip
  • BouFlip w/Bangs
  • BeeBun
  • Gogo Hair
  • TV Western Hair

have been moved to




Note on Hair Objects:  The Netherworks has free downloads that enable you to reshape hair objects for P4 to fit V3.  You will need the basic kit, the kit specifically for V3, and the V3 centering tool.  Detailed instructions are included.  They are fairly easy to follow... Despite the fact I managed to pop both Vicky's eyes out on my first try (She got better).  You are entirely welcome to convert any (or all) of these hair styles to V3 (or any other model you like) and post them as a freebie on your own site.

Special Note #2:  Click here to download .png files for all files prior to Gold-digger.  Thanks to "The Bat" for alerting me that the .rsr files weren't displaying properly.   Download these to Runtime/libraries/hair/Mylochka.




Click on this image to download a distressed texture for the TOS uniform tunic available at:

3D Gladiators

To download, right-click on the image and choose the "save picture as" option.

Click here to download the transparency map.


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