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When I began hacking objects, I was thrilled by the number and variety of useful programs available for this purpose.  The most complete list of them I have found is at Sims Programs.  Quickly following on the heels of that, I was dismayed by the sparse or missing instructions for many of those programs.  Then because of the strict no-cloning policies of most sites, I became frustrated by the amount of re-inventing of the wheel that  the beginning object maker had to do in order to create anything even mildly interesting.

In the name of getting more cool things out there to download (which is why I started trolling around Sims Sites on the Internet), I am implementing an open door policy on this site.  You may clone and modify any of my objects.  Love them, hug them, and call them your own.  All I ask is that you significantly change the appearance and/or function of the item.  Crediting me in some way would be polite.  Send me a copy of your new object -- because, remember, it's my lust for cool objects that got me here in the first place... as I just said. 

To help you create the afore mandated significant change in these objects, I offer the following:

Changing Appearance:

Any advice I could offer pales in comparison to the excellent work done by these individuals :

Claw's Tutorial -- Excellent.  Very thorough instructions on how to create new objects using T-Mog and Photoshop.  Covers alpha channel and z buffer creation... if you don't know what these are, trust me, you'll need to.

Bunny Wuffle's School of Transmorgification -- Cuter, and has Bunnies.  Clear, well-illustrated, basic instructions.  Also includes several helpful walk-throughs of common modification tasks and challenges.

Changing Function:

Here are my contributions.  Read them with the following warning:  I am still a beginner at hacking.  This is a report on what I've learned thus far.  Frequently, I'm not exactly sure why some of these things work the way they do.  If you e-mail me with problems, I will probably not be able to solve them.  If you e-mail me with corrections and further recommendations, I will post them here with great joy.

I designed the tutorials to be read in the following order:

  1. Customizing the Beejeezus out of a Painting

  2. Broadening Reading Pleasure

  3. Making a Mirror Work for You


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